Evelina Carmen Sabatella
NISEA società cooperativa

What is the focus of your work in the MINOUW project?

  • WP2 Task 2.11: alternative uses of discards
  • WP3 Task 3.4: survey willing to pay

Who are you?

I am a fishery economist, with a working experience of more than 18 years in the field of socio-economic aspects of Mediterranean and European fisheries. Economist and expert in structural fisheries statistics, I coordinated the implementation of the national program for collection of fisheries data since 2002. I have been involved, in some cases as scientific responsible, in several natioanl and European research projects and studies. I am member of the Scientific, Technical and Economic committee for Fisheries (STECF).

Why do you think the MINOUW project is important?

“I believe the project will help provide cost-effective solutions to to achieve the gradual elimination of discarding. I also support the approch to strengthen synergies among different disciplines. “