Understanding the context

Work package 1: Ecological, socioeconomic and technical characteristics of discarding fisheries

Characterisation and understanding of discarding in European fisheries in ecological, socioeconomic and technical terms.

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What are the solutions?

Work package 2: technological and social solutions

Develop and test innovative technological and social solutions to avoid unwanted catches.

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What’s the environmental impact?

Work package 3: impact assessment of minimising unwanted catches and discarding

Examine the effects of more selective fishing methods and reduction in discards on marine ecosystems and industry using mathematical modelling tools.

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What policies will be effective?

Work package 4: policy options for discards reduction

Provide policy recommendations that will allow the implementation the landings obligation, while being consistent with the objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy

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Cooperative oversight

Work package 5: control and monitoring

Devise technological solutions to control and monitor compliance in the context of the landings obligation.

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Increasing awareness

Work package 6: awareness

Increasing awareness of the problem of unwanted catches and the solutions that are available.

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