Antigoni Foutsi
Fisheries officer - WWF Greece

What is the focus of your work in the MINOUW project?
Work Packages 2, 4, 5 and 6.
Case Study 2.3: Minimizing unwanted catches in the sardine & anchovy purse seine fishery of Kavala, Greece

Who are you?

Fisheries officer at WWF Greece currently working on a Fisheries Improvement Project in Kavala, Northern Greece, the fundamental goal of which is to help the local purse seine fishery meet the MSC standard for sustainable fisheries.

I have a background in fisheries policy stemming from my previous working experience at a UN-FAO regional project aiming to strengthen national and regional capabilities in order to promote responsible fisheries in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Why do you think the MINOUW project is important?

“MINOUW is an innovative project which brings together experts with a different backround and from various countries aiming at a positive change in European waters. Through its platform it offers a great opportunity to share ideas, exchange know-how and find the optimal solutions to make this change happen.”