Margarida Castro

What is the focus of your work in the MINOUW project?

Work package 2: Social and Technological solutions
Case Study: Bottom trawl crustacean fisheries in Sicily (Parapenaeus longirostris)

Who are you?

Fisheries biologist with particular interest in crustacean fisheries (collection of biological information, fisheries operations and fisheries impacts);

Statistical analysis and simulation models applied to fisheries problems.

Why do you think the MINOUW project is important?

“The project is focused on the very important fisheries problems, namely, the mitigation and reduction of impacts of fisheries, in particular the impacts of deep-water trawling and by-catch reduction.

The project will allow the comprehensive and integrated study of trawl by-catch and proposes a methodology that involves scientist and stakeholders, allowing the merging of several applied disciplines such as the biology/ecology and social sciences, working with scientists and stakeholders, an approach that interests me.”