MINOUW Event meeting

The project’s overall objective is the gradual elimination of discards in European marine fisheries. We aim to minimise unwanted catches by incentivising the adoption of technologies and practices that reduce bycatch and discards, and avoid damage to sensitive marine species and habitats.

Our goal is to develop and demonstrate technological and socio-economic solutions that enable and incentivise fishermen to 1) avoid unwanted catches, or 2) where this cannot be reasonably or practically achieved, to utilise them productively and sustainably.


Solutions will be developed and demonstrated in a case-by-case analysis of the main types of European fisheries. They will be based on, in order of priority, avoidance, selection, and utilisation.

Finally, they will be practical: technologically feasible, environmentally sustainable, and economically viable.

The MINOUW project aims to create “a positive change in the sea” by placing fishers at the core of actions to reduce unwanted catches and discarding practices, and by using multi-stakeholder engagement in the design and implementation of actions to bring about that change.

Key Facts

MINOUW is a EU H2020 RIA project addressing topic SFS-9-2014: Towards a gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries. It has a budget of ca. €6 million for a duration of 4 years (March 2015 – Feb. 2019)

A consortium of 15 beneficiaries and 3 linked parties participate in the project actions. It includes fisheries technologists, fisheries scientists, universities, a non-governmental organisation and local fisheries managers.