Karim Enzini Portrait Photo
Karim Erzini
CCMAR coordinator

What is the focus of your work in the MINOUW project?

Mainly Work package 2, but as CCMAR coordinator, I am involved in all Work Packages.
Case Study 3.1: Algarve trammel net.

Who are you?

I have a PhD in BiololgicaI Oceanography (University of Rhode Island, 1990) and have been teaching and doing fisheries related research since the 1980s. I am currently an Associate Professor at the University of the Algarve and a founding member of the Centre of Marine Science (CCMAR). My main research interests are on small scale fisheries, marine protected areas and conservation and management.

Why do you think the MINOUW project is important?

“I support the MINOUW project because I believe it will provide solutions to some critical problems facing fisheries and improve the way we exploit and manage our living resources.”